Richard grabbed a Super-8 camera in seventh grade and his love affair with media and communications began. As he learned how to code his 8-bit computer to create adventure simulations, he explored everything from pixilation animation to live-action.

Since then, he's worked with Jim Henson's Shop on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1991), TylerPerry on his sit coms, his live plays, and Mr. Perry's life biography, Kareem Abdul Jabbar on his award-winning documentary, Fantasia on American Idol, Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Degeneres Show,  every network from MTV to NBC, and hundreds of producers, Executive Producers, and Network Heads. Irvin Kersner (Empire Strikes Back) was a close friend and mentor until his departure. What else... okay, well, that at least that's a start.

The creator of hundreds of multi-cultural educational films and documentaries distributed to our nation's schools, Richard is a 20-year influencer in diversity media.


Richard has been a key creative part of #1 television shows and successful franchises, and has crewed on many

classic feature films.

Richard has coded interactive stories since the 1980's.

He invented CustomPlay™ interactive DVD technology.

Richard's productions with the company he founded, Biohazard Educational Productions LLC, influenced millions on healthy indoor air quality.

Richard's investigative journalism has resulted in exposure and successful litigation of police brutality against peaceful protestors.

Richard has been editing non-linear since 1996. Tape since 1986. Film since 1976. He is an accomplished story-teller and has created some classic editorial styles.

Richard is available for free-lance editing and consulting. He is collaborating on A.I. storytelling, interactive, and VR/AR experiences.

editing samples

Richard Arsenault is an award-winning filmmaker with extensive experience in film, television, and emerging media. His credits include #1 rated American Idol and The Ellen DeGeneres Show along with a wide range of popular TV and movies.


TV highlights include The Wonder Years, Sorority Life, sit coms The Haves and the Have Nots, House of Payne and For Better or Worse. the documentaries for Band of Brothers and Valkyrie, day-of-air shows EXTRA and Access Hollywood, and a wide range of TV from MTV to E!


Film highlights include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Beverly Hills Cop IITape Heads and The Wizard. Richard's worked alongside Hollywood legends like Jim Henson, Stan Winston and Tyler Perry and stars like Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy and Elton John.

Arsenault wrote, produced, and directed over 400 educational programs for public schools, groundbreaking scientific work, and produced television for NASA and major corporations like American Airlines, Mitsubishi, and Taco Bell (Yum! Brands). Arsenault invented CustomPlay™ interactive viewing technology and is developing virtual reality and A.I. technology for dynamic storytelling.